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Renewable Energy News

May 8, 2010

The Ministry of New and Renewable Energy (MNRE) of the Government of India has, it must be admitted, one of the least attractive governmenta websites there is… And considering the importance of what they do, this is a great pity. A search for solar energy initiatives took me to their site, but the navigability of their homepage made the maze at Hampton Court seem considerably more comprehensible… The MNRE minister, Dr Farooq Abdullah, would do well to pay some attention to being more accessible!

Nevertheless, they do put out a very useful bimonthly newsletter, Akshay Urja that appears in both print and electronic form. I am not sure how one would go about subscribing to the print issue, but the electronic newsletters are freely available online at this site,

The magazine has a wealth of information on a range of products and issues. The latest volume, December 2009, has articles on the Jawaharlal Nehru Solar Mission, Biomass gasifiers, decentralized waste treatment and so on. Instructions to make a simple solar oven at home!

One of the books reviewed in this issue is the Directory of Indian Windpower 2009. With a prime objective of providing the basic guidelines to the enterpreneurs interested in Wind Power Project – a comparatively new and environment friendly source of energy, Consolidated Energy Consultants Ltd. took-up a lead in consolidating wind related data/details & publishing an Encyclopedia sort of book. Since its maiden publication in 2001, the Directory Indian Windpower has earned wide acclamation both from the Govt. Departments as well the Industries for its comprehensive coverage and reliability of data.

The current edition like the previous eight yearly issues carries, in addition to the usual features a comprehensive data on wind potential sites in the various states of India, the Govt’s promotional policies, incentives offered by the states/central Govt., supportive role of Center for Wind Energy Technology (C-WET), the technical particulars of the Wind Electric Generator and the current scenario on wind power development – all presented in well structured sections for easy access to the host of informations contained in its run of over 850 pages.

Simplest to write in to us. The Directory is priced at Rs 1500. Akshay Urja is free for download.

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